Sabah Fest 2012 presents the musical performance ‘The Adventures of Ngarayang’

Sabah Fest 2012 presents the musical performance ‘The Adventures of Ngarayang’

Kota Kinabalu, 9 March 2011 – The much awaited cultural extravaganza that is Sabah Fest returns with another spectacular show highlighting Sabah’s diverse peoples, their cultures and traditions. The performance will be held on 3rd and 4th May at the new Auditorium Kompleks JKKNS Sabah starting at 8.30pm on the first day with the Cultural Extravaganza Show and the Premiere Show the following day.

This year’s theme recalls the era of barter trading along the ancient trade routes of west coast Sabah. Music, dance and age-old rituals are woven into a lively stage performance which chronicles the adventures of an intrepid barter trader in old Sabah.  The story manifests itself in the form of a young and handsome, although at times mischievous adventurer called Ngarayang. His name means “trader” and it suits him very well as he plies the west coast of Sabah bartering and distributing a variety of goods much sought after by the coastal communities.

However, Ngarayang transacted more than just material goods. Gifted with a charming demeanour and a flair for storytelling, Ngarayang would captivate his audience wherever he went with wondrous tales of exotic cultures he encountered on his travels. Bringing Ngarayang’s adventures to life is a unique performance by the Bonggi and their Adat Bebalang and Tabadak dance, the Dusun Kimaragang community with their Pinakang dance, the Lotud use of Lalawagan cloth in their colourful and elaborate wedding ceremonies, the Sama with their runsai Cagayan, the Dusun Menggatal Kuntau (martial arts), the Brunei community’s Zapin Jamilah, the Bisaya Liliput dance and Bubu Mangalai ritual, and the Dusun Tatana Bakanjar martial arts integrated with the Moginum ritual and dance called Sayau Loyop.

But it was the charms of a local princess that eventually captures Ngarayang’s heart and he keeps hoping to catch another glimpse of her at every village and market he stops at. Will he ever see her again? Or will his adventures take him even further away from his princess?

Apart from the show, there will be handicraft-making demonstrations by expert local artisans, pocket shows of traditional music and dance performances and traditional foods to sample from 10.00am to 10.00pm outside the venue.

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