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The Legend of the Supirak Stone Ark

This year, Sabah Tourism Board and Sri Pelancongan Sabah will be showcasing yet another grand-scale musical theatre performance, ‘Supirak – The Legendary  Stone Ark’, a Pitas folklore which tells the story of a disobedient young man cursed into stone by his own mother. Featuring local performers, the story is told through a stunning presentation of both traditional and contemporary song and dance.

One of the highlights for this year is the performance by the Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra (JPO). In support of JPO String Outreach Program, the first day of Sabah Fest will be a full concert by JPO, featuring the amazing talents of the rural students of Sabah.

Local craft makers and artisans will also gather to display and sell their craftsmanship throughout the event, from 4:00pm to 10:00pm. Food enthusiasts can also visit the traditional stalls to sample a variety of authentic local cuisine. Come and witness Sabah in all her colours during Sabah Fest 2017!

The legend of Supirak tells the story of a young man named Si Ragam from the village of Kaugun Maubang who decided to leave his home and his mother, Supirak, to seek for a new adventure at across the oceans in search of a new life.

One day during an expedition, his ship faced some difficulties and drifted into his old village, Kaugun Maubang. Overwhelmed with his return, the entire village prepared a big feast to proudly welcome back their hero, Captain Ragam. To their dismay, Si Ragam was no longer the same person they grew up with. He was arrogant and pretended that he did not know them, including Supirak, his own mother. So she called on to the heavens to curse her son.

The legend still lives on until today. The stone ark of Supirak’s son, fondly known as Supirak Stone Island, is still visible, and is located at the mouth of the Maubang river.

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About Sabah Fest

Sabah Fest is Sabah’s most anticipated annual premier cultural event, to celebrate Sabah’s smorgasbord of culture, history, and traditions. It is a celebration of Sabah’s rich and diverse cultures through musical theatre and exhibitions under one roof. This three-day event will also highlight Sabah’s rich cultural heritage through a handicraft and traditional food showcase at the venue grounds. Come sample the authentic flavours of Sabah and see how local craftspeople weave, carve and stitch using age-old techniques! Before the stage performance starts, guests are treated to traditional dance Pocket Shows at the Mini Amphitheatre, performed by the dancers of JKKN Sabah.